Florida Bar Attacks Freedom of Speech

I don't use the word "outrage" very often, but this is an outrage. Lawyer Sean Conway exposed a horrendous practice by Judge Cheryl Aleman -- a piss-poor judge by any standard -- and for performing that public service the Florida Bar might take his law license away.

The Bar's repulsive message: When it comes to judges in America, freedom of speech goes out the window. Call a judge an "evil witch" and you lose your livelihood? Not in my country, motherfucker.

The best line from Tonya Alanez's article comes from lawyer Fred Haddad, one of the best quote artists you'll ever find:

"There's absolutely no reason that politicians, and that's all judges are here in Broward County, aren't open to criticism. We've got a [Florida Bar] grievance committee that can't even conceptualize the First Amendment. You're dealing with a group of people that are entrenched in protecting each other."

Nova legal poobah Bruce Rogow, meanwhile, goes to the dark side (a place he's not unfamiliar with): "I don't think there's any excuse for that kind of crude and cruel language."

Yes, Bruce, let's be polite so as to protect the corrupt, wasteful, arrogant court system in Broward County.

Fight the Bar and support Sean Conway. Here's a way you can do it, via Bill Gelin at Jaablog, where the controversy began. Contact Gelin at wgelin@yahoo.com to help.

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