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Florida Bill That Would Arm School Employees to Go Before Senate Panel

Republican state senator in Florida Alan Hays is just a vessel of amazing ideas. The man who once filed legislation to keep public buses from stopping on streets because one time he got stuck in traffic behind one and who once called Sharia law a "dreadful disease" that needed vaccination, and who is fighting a battle to get all that Muslim stuff out of school textbooks to make room for Christianity has yet another winning idea up his sleeve.

Hays is now sponsoring a bill that would allow school employees to carry guns.

On Monday, Florida's Senate Criminal Justice Committee is going to be getting together to discuss whether having people walking around with guns in schools is a good idea.

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Specifically the bill (SB 968) would require a school district board to designate trained personnel to carry concealed firearms on school grounds to "prevent violent crimes from occurring on school grounds."

Basically the bill is being proposed in case there's ever an active shooter on any given school campus or should a hostage situation arise.

Providing an exception to a prohibition on possession of firearms or other specified devices on school property or in other specified areas for authorized concealed weapon or firearm licensees as designated by school principals or district superintendents; requiring a school district board to formulate policies and procedures for managing active-shooter and hostage situations; authorizing district school boards to commission one or more school safety officers on each school campus, etc.

The people schools would eventually decide to hire to walk around inside schools armed with a gun would have to complete a minimum of 40 hours of a school-safety program before getting the gig. They would also be required to complete eight hours of active-shooting training and four hours' worth of training in firearms proficiency every year.

A potential candidate would also have to either be an honorably discharged member of the military, National Guard, or reserves, and must not have any gun-related infractions on his record. Or he just needs to have a valid concealed weapon permit.

Either way, whoever would get this job would basically just have to love the hell out of guns and have a clean record.

We don't need no new laws or bills that make it hard for wackos to get guns. Nope. What we need to do is to arm people in schools so that when said wacko enters any given school, it will turn into a militarized zone.


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