Florida Boy Finds Bear Napping on Lanai

A 7-year-old boy walked into his home's lanai and found a black bear napping inside like it was all good.

The boy, who was at home with a babysitter and his siblings, did what most people would do of they saw a giant-ass bear treating their home like a bed & breakfast -- he freaked out.

He then texted his mom.

"Sleeping OMG," the boy texted. "What do we do?"

No word on if he also texted, "Can we keep it, mom? Can we??"

The bear apparently busted through a screen door of the Naples family's home, walked past the pool guarded by a child-safety gate, and plopped itself on the ground in the lanai, undetected.

And then it took a nap. Like an alternate version of Goldie Locks.

Crazier still, is that the sitter was in the lanai with an infant just minutes before the bear had arrived.

The boy then walked in on the animal, and then told the sitter and sent his mother a series of frantic texts.

They took photos and video of their guest.

After about an hour, the bear woke up and wandered back out of the home, probably feeling super refreshed after a nice long siesta inside a cool dry porch.

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