Honorary FSU alumni?
Honorary FSU alumni?

Florida Capital Ranks Second "Most Stoned" City in Daily Beast Poll

In honor of 4/20, now "universally known as the annual date of celebration for those with pot smoking countercultural pride," the Daily Beast has ranked the top 40 most toked-up cities across America.

And it comes as only a mild surprise that our state capital, Tallahassee, scored second, bested only by Eureka, California -- where the stuff is all but legal.

The Daily Beast's research team found that 10.6 percent of the Tallahassee population are regular pot smokers. We suspect that the felicitous convergence of students (FSU, Florida Ag and Mechanical, Flagler College) and the high number of politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers are responsible for the high score. We've yet to meet a Florida lawyer who doesn't inhale, unlike the attorneys in Arkansas and Illinois.

Tallahassee aced the Beast's test even with a couple of handicaps: The city has no NORML chapter, and it scored only 6 out of 10 for a pot-friendly culture, as determined by celebstoner.com.


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