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Florida Chock-Full o' Foreigners: Six Fun Facts From New Census Data

Sound the alarm! Slide down the polls! Gold Five to Red Leader, we have inbound data sets!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the U.S. Census Bureau released a new batch of data yesterday, and the Pulp has done some spreadsheet surfing to bring you the hottest numbers from the report. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hug your pet and salute the flag. So buckle up, because here are six of the most interesting revelations about Florida and the United States that can be gleaned from the new report, based on numbers from early 2010.

1) There are about as many Mexicans in the United States as Asians.
Whoda thought it? All this talk of fortifying the southern border to keep immigrants from taking our jobs has distracted us from the other threat -- fortifying the western border. There are about 40 million foreign-born people in the United States -- 11.7 million are from Mexico, and 11.3 million are from Asia.

Ah, and about 807,000 are from "Northern America," and you know what that means -- Canadians. THERE JUST AREN'T ENOUGH WALLS.

2) 9.2 percent of the nation's foreign-born population lives in Florida.
In terms of raw numbers, we're fourth in the country, behind California (25.4 percent), New York (10.8 percent), and Texas (10.4 percent).

3) Immigrants are more than 20 percent less likely to be divorced than native-born Americans.
The Census Bureau reports that 14 percent of all native-born Americans are separated or divorced; foreign-born people are at about 11 percent.

Foreign-born people in America are also about 23 percent more likely to be married: Of immigrants older than 15, 58 percent  were married, compared to 47 percent of native-born people in the same age bracket. Come on, People Who Were Born Here. Why can't you get love right?

4) 36 percent of all women who reported giving birth within a year before they were surveyed were unmarried.
Again, native-born Americans come out on the short end of things: Among women who gave birth within a year of the survey, those born in America were 60 percent more likely to be unwed compared to women born elsewhere. SIXTY. SIX-ZERO. WHAT'S UP, GUYS?

5) Among those born elsewhere, those from Central America are most likely to not speak English.
Fifty percent of immigrants from Mexico said they either spoke English "not well" or "not at all," and 45 percent of those from elsewhere in Central America said the same. Compare that to 22 percent of those from Asia and 10 percent of those from Africa (also 1.5 percent of those wacky Canadians).

6) Almost one in three Broward County residents was born in another country.
Thirty-two percent of BroCo folk were born outside the United States, according to a Sun-Sentinel analysis of some finer data points. Since 2000, the number of people in Broward who were born in Haiti almost doubled, to more than 80,000 -- putting them in the top spot over Jamaicans.

I could keep going all day with this stuff, but some people get bored and wander off, so I'll leave you with some of the source data. The PDF below is one of the reports released yesterday that deals with the national numbers listed above. Enjoy.

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