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Florida Company Accused of Paying Homeless Men to Let Women Brutally Beat Them

A Florida pastor and a group advocating for the homeless is accusing a Florida-based website of offering homeless men money to get tortured on camera. The site, shefights.net, offers customized videos of attractive young women beating the holy fuck out of men, often until the men are crying and begging for mercy.

In a lawsuit filed in St. Petersburg, several homeless men claim they were offered $50 each to withstand brutal attacks that included

getting punched, kicked, hit repeatedly in the testicles, and humiliated. The suit claims the site's producers violated Florida's hate-crime laws by exploiting the indigent transients.

If the men could not withstand the beating for at least 12 minutes, the suit claims, they were not given any money.

In response to numerous requests for comment, the site's owners put up this statement regarding the accusations:

"Many of you have come here in response to inaccurate and libelous stories about us in the media. We have chosen not to comment in the media because, unlike our accusers, our case is solid and we prefer to reserve all comments for court, where we have the advantage of law and facts. I will say that there is no truth to the allegations, the stories are simply that, stories paid for by the organizer of the suit, and an attempt to harass us in the media, as well as an attempt to shake us down before this goes to trial. We won't be intimidated, and these allegations against us will be disproved."

The videos are still for sale on the site, for $12 each. The site also advertises custom-made videos for $600. "A basic custom video is $600, and includes one girl and one location. Each additional girl is $300. Additional charges can apply for location rental, multiple scenes and locations, etc."

A description of the most recently posted video says:

"Cindy puts PC Guy through 27 minutes of pure hell... Dominating him physically and mentally, and breaks him down to a crying, broken wreck. She also managed to put everything into this video, including hard punches and kicks, knees and elbows to the face, ballbusting, and painful submission holds.

This is the hottest beatdown we ever did. Cindy looks unbelievable in her pink bikini, flowing long dark hair, and toned body, and she taunts PC Guy and plays to the camera throughout."  

At least one of the women doing the "ballbusting" is from Broward County. She is featured in a video that includes two young blond women punching and kneeing a man repeatedly in a hotel room. She did not respond to questions about her experience with the site.

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