Florida Couple Beat Up Mentally Challenged Man to Steal His Grand Theft Auto Videogame

And now for your dose of Friday-morning awfulness.

A mentally challenged Delray Beach man who had spent months saving up to buy himself the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V videogame was beaten up by a man and woman who then stole the game from him.

Rohan Dawkins, 21, works at the local Home Depot and had been setting aside $10 from each paycheck so he could buy the videogame, which was released Tuesday.

First thing Tuesday, Dawkins purchased his copy at the GameStop on Linton Boulevard in Delray.

But that afternoon, Dawkins was approached by Tommy Leon Davis, 27, and Adele Francis Jones, 26, as he headed to a bus stop.

Davis asked Dawkins for the time. Dawkins put down the GameStop shopping bag on the ground to look at his watch. That's when Davis snatched the bag and took off running toward a car, according to an arrest report.

Jones then stepped out of the passenger side of that car and began to punch and kick Dawkins.

Dawkins fought back. But the couple jumped back into the car and drove off.

Davis and Jones then went to the GameStop located in the Boynton Beach mall where they tried to resell the videogame. They eventually sold the game to a man for $60.

But cops were able to nab them after spotting them on the mall's surveillance video.

Dawkins was able to pick the couple out of a lineup, and the two were arrested for strong-armed robbery and dealing in stolen property and were booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

Davis told police he stole the game because he needed money for new tires.

Following their arrest, Davis and Jones offered to buy Dawkins a new copy of the game.

During a news conference Thursday discussing the incident, Dawkins was asked if the whole ordeal felt like a scene out of the Grand Theft Auto series. Dawkins said, "I did... in real life."

Dawkins also says he's looking forward to playing the game with his sister and family.

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