Florida Couple Named Harry & Potter Arrested For Having Sex in Abandoned Hotel

Apparently a couple named Harry & Potter were busted for having sex in an abandoned hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.

Sometimes the Floriderp Files find something so Floriderpy, we think it's made up.

But, nope. It's true!

According to a Ft. Lauderdale police report, on Wednesday, an officer responded to a call of a naked couple frolicking around an abandoned Econo Lodge on 2949 N. Federal Highway.

The hotel's location gives anyone passing by it a clear view of anyone inside.

When the officer arrived to the building, he spotted Alan Harrold, 37 and Crystal Potter, 33.

Both were naked. And Harry was giving his wand to Crystal pretty good (sorry).

The hotel had been abandoned for some time, with No Trespassing signs posted, and a chain-link fence surrounding the building. But that didn't stop the two from getting classy with it and having sex inside.

But, the magic would soon be over, thanks to the Ft. Lauderdale police officer.

Harry and Potter were arrested and charged with trespassing and exposing sex organs in public.

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