Florida Couple Requested Ninja for Wedding Last Weekend

Floridians, you wonderfully crazy bastards, what will you do next?

Look, we all know that the by-the-books approach to nuptials is nice in a kind of vanilla ice cream sort of way... but really, if you've seen one of those, you've seen them all. Sometimes, the bold among us steer their wedding planning into weird new territory -- which is exactly what might have happened over the weekend down in the Keys.

This little bit of strange unraveled over the weekend on Reddit, the anything-goes bin for all weird requests, offbeat announcements, and open calls for warriors. Redditor "ClickToExit" and his bride-to-be posted a strange request four days ago:

The internet didn't disappoint. The posting pulled in a good amount of responses, including some interested parties looking to negotiate the terms of an appearance.

Other possible ninjas wanted certainties about possible discrimination.

Maybe it's just because the request was so fricking odd, maybe it's because we've got our own soft spot for ninjas, but something about this open casting call just hit us in the warm gooey center. Would it work out for these crazy kids in the end? Could the internet pull through? Would a bride and groom walk the aisle without seeing their special day through as hoped?

Never doubt the net.

That right there is a happy ending. We'll post the pictures should ClickToExit come through.

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Kyle Swenson
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