Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith Chin-Checks Rick Scott

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith didn't actually roll up on Gov. Rick Scott like some grimy guttersnipe and punch him in the face. He threw a literary left hook. A chin check in text, if you will.

But in the same way that a punch to the mouth can expose the fragility behind a street punk's façade, Smith's letter to Scott on Thursday unveiled the rottenness behind Scott's seemingly wholesome sale of Solantic.

After the news broke that Scott had finalized a deal to sell off his family's shares of the medical clinic, Smith wrote a letter to Scott, insisting that he fully disclose all investments controlled by him and his immediate family, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

"To show Floridians that you aren't further profiting from your actions as Governor, it is incumbent upon you to fully disclose all of your assets," Smith wrote.

Scott should show more accountability than what's required by Florida's laughably weak ethics laws, he insisted. Scott's attempt to hide his stake in Solantic under his wife's name "did not pass the smell test in the court of public opinion."

It was a brief, condescending screed that berated Scott as a profiteering pansy who falsely believes that he has most Floridians fooled. But hey, this guy also believes that he averted a federal government shutdown.

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