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Florida Drivers Warned About Fake Toll Violation Letter Scam

The Florida Department of Transportation is warning people about a mail scam involving a fake letter asking to pay an overdue toll fine.

The letter, which comes from the official-sounding but extremely fake Toll Enforcement LLC, or TELC Inc., is trying to dupe people into sending a cashier's check for $57 to cover a final warning notice for an outstanding toll payment.

The letter goes on to warn the recipient that failure to comply will lead to a $500 penalty or a suspension of his or her driver's license.

Some have already fallen for the scam and sent their checks, according to

But a search through the Florida Division of Corporations' website,, shows no listing for a Toll Enforcement LLC or a TELC Inc.

We called both the Miami number and Tallahassee number listed on the notice, but no one answered. There wasn't even a voicemail option.

Official notices on unpaid tolls from the state are printed on official documents and list all the information at the time of the violation, including date, time, a photo of your vehicle taken by the toll plaza camera, and the location of where you supposedly kept going without paying a toll.

It's called the Toll-By-Plate program.

Basically, it's designed more for convenience than actual punishment. If a driver who doesn't have a SunPass device can't pay for a toll, they can keep driving. The camera snaps a photo of the vehicle and then sends it to the driver's home address as a sort of bill.

SunPass notices look like this (and can be handled on its website):

Anything else is a scam.

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