Florida Dwarf-Tossing Legislation Is About Liberty, Not Jobs, Sponsor Explains

After being constantly lampooned over the past week since the news broke of his bill to repeal Florida's ban on the drunken game of dwarf tossing, Rep. Ritch Workman would like a chance to explain himself.

Shortly after Workman dropped House Bill 4063 in the hopper bill last Monday, people started asking Workman questions -- likely along the lines of, "Uhhh, what?"

Workman explained by saying that the ban -- enacted in 1989 -- was an unnecessary one and that it likely took some employment away from little people.

Once Jimmy Kimmel showed a parody on his late-night television program, Workman took to Facebook to explain exactly what he believes he's accomplishing.

Contrary to what he may have said earlier, Workman says the repeal has nothing to do with jobs -- it's about freedom.

Thank goodness there's finally a politician who realizes it's a Floridian's God-given right to get blackout drunk and make small people fly.

Here's what Workman has to say -- even including a link to the Kimmel bit:

I'm sure all of you have heard about the monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night poking fun at a Bill to Repeal The Dwarf Tossing Law. I want everyone to clearly understand this is not to create JOBS, but an attempt to remove unneeded legislation that is crowding our law book for the State. I stated at the beginning of this session that I would make it my goal to decrease the number of laws giving Floridians MORE Civil Liberties. Some of these laws may seem silly to some, but please look at the big picture for Florida. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean we need to make a law against it. Enjoy the clip from Jimmy Kimmel. http://youtu.be/E6Y41xi15fY

We're pretty sure there's supposed to be a comma between laws and giving to correctly understand his intent, but clearly, Workman doesn't think his bill will contribute to Gov. Rick Scott's reneged campaign promise of additional job creation.

Because we're good people, here's Kimmel's bit on Workman's bill:

The bill has yet to be assigned to committee.

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