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Florida Falls From Daily Show's Top Spot After South Carolina Guy Shtups a Horse

Apparently, Florida has disappointed the staff of Comedy Central's

Daily Show

with its failure to more consistently deliver bizarre and deeply disquieting news stories.

On Monday's show, Jon Stewart cited the South Carolinian caught having sex with a horse as evidence that the Palmetto State had bumped Florida from its place atop the list of "states that make our lives here at the show easy." Then in listing this state's most undistinguished moments, he plucked two from Broward and Palm Beach County history:

"Certainly, Florida, with its elections debacles and youngster-enjoying congressman have enjoyed an exalted place at the comedy table."

New Jersey was also in the running, but South Carolina's combination of barnyard coitus, philandering governor and dimwit senator put it over the top.

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