Florida Family Kicked out of Universal for "Police" T-Shirt

The police t-shirt police were out in full force at the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando when they basically ruined a girl's sweet-sixteen when they kicked her and her family out of the park.

The girl's father, it turns out, was wearing a t-shirt that said "Police" on it.

And here's the SHOCKER: He really isn't a police officer. And that just doesn't fly at Universal, guy!

Christian Jarosz, of Jupiter, claims he and his family were kicked out on August 24 because of the shirt.

The shirt, turns out, was a gift from Christian's brother, who is a retired New York cop.

A park security guard stopped the family when he spotted the shirt as they were headed to go watch the Blue Man Group. The guard told him he wasn't allowed to wear a shirt that says "Police" on it, per park rules.

Jarosz says he went to a nearby gift shop to buy another shirt, but was suddenly surrounded by security and told to leave the park anyway. If not, Jarosz would be arrested.

For their part, park security claims Jarosz and and his family where being disruptive.

The family eventually left the park, missed the Blue Man Group show, and had their daughter's sweet sixteen ruined.

Jarosz claims he's written several emails to Universal to get a refund, but has yet to hear back. Although a park senior official did apologize to them for their treatment.

A park spokesperson said that security did the right thing by responding the way they did, because you can't wear a shirt that says "Police" on it if you're not a policeman.

Just like you can't wear a shirt with a Batman emblem on it because you're clearly not The Batman.

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