Florida Fortuneteller Defrauded Victim of $800,000 for Almost a Decade

The Broward Sheriff's Office arrested a Pompano Beach fortuneteller over the weekend for allegedly defrauding a California woman.

The fortuneteller, Peaches Miller AKA Shanna Young (we're not sure which name she uses as a fortuneteller. We're gonna go with Peaches, although Shanna sounds mystical too), had an out-of-state felony warrant, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

She was tracked down by a Boca-based private detective hired by the alleged victim, which makes him the greatest detective ever -- or makes Peaches the worst fortuneteller ever.

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The private dick, Bob Nygaard, claims that Peaches The Fortune Teller conned his client into giving her a crapload of money to buy gold and silver mirrors and tabernacles. This was because the victim and her family were being plagued by evil spirits of black magic and voodoo, and obviously the only way to get rid of them is to buy gold and mirrors.

Peaches told the victim that she was doing "God's work," according to Nygaard, and that she was the only one who could get rid of the evil spirits.

The victim complied because Miller's explanation just made too much sense, and forked over more than $838,000.

Oh yeah, and all of of this happened over the course of ...

... wait for it ....


*record scratch*

Yup, Peaches ran the scam for almost a decade, and would have gotten away with it too if she hadn't promised to pay the money back. Although, to be fair, after year three of stringing this person along without protest, you can't really fault Peaches for keeping the scam going.

But, as Nygaard told the Sentinel in an email, Peaches assured the victim that she would get her money back.

It was probably around year eight that the victim wised up and realized she was being taken.

According to Nygaard, the case is being investigated by the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office in California.

Peaches, who reportedly runs her fortune teller business from Florida, California, and New York, has been charged with grand theft and extortion of property.

According to the Sentinel, she is being held without bond in the Paul Rein Detention Facility.

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