Florida Goes Blackface Again: Weird Advertisement for Same-Sex Marriage?

Halloween is a time to get crazy, dress up however you want, get your freak on.

Be fun, be shocking, be creative. There are no rules.

Well, there is one rule. And it's a fairly simple one to follow.


Not ever.

Just this week, Ohio University, the University of Minnesota and the University of Colorado, Boulder all warned students not to dress in blackface. "Consider the impact your costume decision may have on others in the CU community," was a note on the university's website.

But a couple in Wilton Manors, America's second gayest city according to the U.S. Census Bureau, decided to forego that rule. They went out about town presumably as an interracial gay couple. And, yep, one of them went in black face.

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New Times photographer Michele Eve was there, snapping shots of people getting their Halloween on when she came across the couple.

The unidentified duo sauntered into the New York Grilled Cheese Co. located at 2207 Wilton Dr. and began posing for photos with diners. (We called the restaurant and no one recalled the couple. "This is something the nightshift would know about," said a man who answered the phone. "They don't come in until 9.")

No one thought to say anything about all the racism, said Eve.

We're not entirely sure who the couple was supposed to be. The man wearing black face appears to be portraying an elderly woman wearing a "Just Married" button. So, we assume it's an interracial gay marriage thing.

Just as quickly as they appeared in the restaurant, the couple was off again to join the festivities of Halloween and frolic in the most offensive way possible.

Ah, progress!

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