Florida Hands Out More Marijuana Citations Than Does Any Other State

Florida was pretty close to legalizing the good green last November -- a constitutional amendment that would have allowed medical marijuana failed by just two percentage points. But even though those stats make the Sunshine State look weed-friendly, the facts on the ground paint a different picture. A recent study conducted by MuckRock collected the data on marijuana citations from a number of major states. Florida leads the pack -- by a lot.

MuckRock did the Lord's work here, diving into these stats and collecting the citations numbers through 2013 for major population centers like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Vermont, and Washington. Florida handed out so many citations that it actually distorted the study's examination of the other states.

In Florida, the state wrote marijuana tickets to one in 294 people in 2011. MuckRock's study shows that Arizona was the next biggest ticket giver -- one for every 3,313 in the same year.

Between 2011 and 2014, the study found, Florida gave out five times more the number of citations of given out by the other states combined "despite the fact that Florida's population is approximately half of California's." Four of the states -- Arizona, California, Texas, and Vermont -- issued 49,160 in the three years -- which is about 300 fewer than Florida gave out in 2014.

What does this tell us? Well, as much lip service as we might pay to the ideas of a progressive marijuana policy, on the ground, Florida is still far from accepting weed.

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