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Florida High School Bans Backpacks After Supposed Bomb Threat

A bathroom wall at Wellington High School had a message scrawled on it which warned that a student or students would "blow up the school" this Friday.

As a result, school administrators have banned backpacks and large purses from school grounds for the remainder of the school year.

Police, meanwhile, are investigating the message, although at this point, it seems to be just case of vandalism. Or, as the school puts it, "bullying."

According to Wellington High Principal Mario Crocetti, the message was discovered some time last week in one of the girls' restrooms and was signed by a couple of students.

But, Crocetti and other officials believe the message was forged and made to get the two students in trouble.

Also, it appears that earlier this year, a vulgar message was written on the same bathroom wall about one of the students whose name is signed under the bomb threat message.

Yet the police are now somehow involved and a school-wide ban has been issued for kids to leave their backpacks and purses at home, and carry all their crap in their hands, because some kid got mad at another kid and tried to pin a bomb threat on them.

Meanwhile, Crocetti sent out a letter to parents, explaining how the backpack pan is working smoothly, and that no new information on the so-called "bomb threat" has come to light:

Dear Students and Parents,

The prohibition on backpacks went very smoothly today. Today, we collected approximately twenty-five backpacks from students, most of whom were absent yesterday. Since we are so close to the end of the school year, we will be keeping the ban on backpacks and large purses in place through June 6th. Because we have always banned backpacks during exam week, this means we are only adding next week's four school days to the annual ban. Our annual locker cleanout is already scheduled for Tuesday, May 28th. The absence of backpacks on campus seems to have had a positive effect on students and staff alike. This is the reason for continuing the ban. It is not due to any new or additional information.

As of this time, we have no new information that will help us identify the person who wrote the message in the restroom. Students who have information that may help us identify this person are encouraged to come forward. Tomorrow we will continue to maintain an increased police presence on campus, our teachers will proceed with normal classroom instruction, and all scheduled exams will be administered. Absences from school tomorrow due to safety concerns will be excused absences. If your student is absent tomorrow, please be sure to have him/her bring a signed note from you to school on Tuesday (as is our standard procedure for any absence).

Mario J. Crocetti

Whatever happened to the days when kids would write "SIT ON IT" on school bathroom walls? Or, even the days where they'd draw a picture of a big penis?

Kids theses days.

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