Florida High School Teacher Among Those Caught in Massive Sex Sting Operation

Close to 16 Florida law enforcement agencies joined together for a massive sex sting operation that nabbed all kinds of suspects from all walks of life, including a Florida high school English teacher.

The suspects were under the impression they were going to meet up and have sex with underaged kids.

Authorities created a fake chat line where suspects believed they were chatting with children who wanted to meet for sex or with parents supposedly offering their children for sex in exchange for money.

The men, ranging from ages 19 to 60, were told to drive to a pristine home in the city of Oviedo, about 19 miles from Orlando, where cops were waiting for them.

According to authorities, one of the men was a Florida high school English teacher who arrived at the house with a pack of condoms to have sex with a 14-year old girl.

The teacher allegedly sent photographs of himself to the undercover agent posing as the girl online.

"He said he had a lot to lose," Seminole County Maj. Dennis Lemma told reporters.

Other teachers were also nabbed, including an elementary school interpreter for deaf children, as well as a middle school science teacher looking to have sex with a 14-year old boy. There was also a middle school janitor among those arrested in the sting, according to authorities.

Police also arrested a tourist visiting from Turkey, college students, and a businessman from North Carolina -- every one of them taken in by the weeklong law enforcement operation, which ended Monday.

Authorities released footage of the arrests, showing the men's surprised reactions as they learned they had been lured into a sting. One of the man fled on foot before being caught by cops.

In all, the operation nabbed 50 suspects.

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