Florida Juror Robs Courthouse Offices While Jury on Break

Jury duty can be a real bummer.

Unless, of course, you can use that time to immerse yourself in the proceedings and learn about how the judicial system works.

Or you can use that time to steal stuff. Whatever makes the time go by faster!

One Brevard man is now in jail after he sneaked into courthouse offices to steal an iPhone and some cash while the grand jury he was a part of was on a break.

According to an incident report, juror Kyle Powell took advantage of his jury taking a break and went and ganked an iPhone from one state office and more than $200 from another.

Powell was busted thanks to a GPS tracking device built into the iPhone he stole.

The GPS led cops to Powell's home. When confronted by police, he admitted to stealing the iPhone and the cash.

He said he used some of the money on pot and dinner.

"For someone to violate that trust and to violate that position of trust that we had in them, it's just, it's outrageous," said circuit state attorney Phil Archer.

As for a juror stealing things while on duty, the State Attorney's Office told wftv.com that it's looking to see if it needs a second grand jury.

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