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Florida Liberals May Have to Plug Nose and Vote Crist to Keep Rubio From Winning

​Congressman Kendrick Meek has failed to galvanize the Democratic base, he failed to properly trounce wacky billionaire Jeff Greene, and now he may be abandoned by even the most die-hard Democrats, who may be leery of throwing him their votes when those same votes could help keep right-winger Marco Rubio out of office.

The most recent Fox News poll shows Charlie Crist is 16 points behind Rubio, with Meek a dismal 22 points behind. But a model by Nate Silver suggests Crist has roughly the same chance to win the election as does Rubio, presumably because Crist stands a good chance of siphoning votes from Meek before the election.

In fact, Crist is already siphoning the endorsements of state Democrat leaders.

State Rep. Yolly Roberson, a Miami Democrat whose House district reaches to the Broward County line, just south of Pembroke Park, just announced her support for Crist, who cheerfully Tweeted the news a few minutes ago.

On his campaign site, Crist boasts:

Rep. Roberson joins Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson, Senator Maria Sachs, Representative Ari Porth, and Representative Darryl Rouson in a group of prominent Democratic lawmakers supporting Crist's independent campaign.

To which Kendrick Meek says "Ouch!" Or something like that.

Clearly, those Democrats have given up hope on Meek. They're throwing their lot in with Crist -- not just because he has a shot to win but perhaps for more selfish reasons: to avoid being linked to Meek's disastrous campaign when it's time for their own reelection campaigns.

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