Florida Mall Goes on Lockdown Over an Apron

So apparently people who live Charlotte County, Florida, think that aprons are a deadly weapon that can cause mass destruction, death, and terror, because the Port Charlotte Town Centre Mall was placed on lockdown when someone saw a guy carrying one.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, someone called in about a man carrying a handgun inside the mall.

So, turns out they don't think aprons are a deadly weapon after all. They just think that aprons are guns.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, the sheriff's office got a call about a guy walking around near the mall's J.C. Penney store with a handgun.

This led the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office to go into full-on HOLY CRAP DUDE WITH A GUN IN PUBLIC, MAYBE, SOUND THE ALARM mode and lock down both the Port Charlotte Town Centre Mall and any and all schools in the area.

Deputies then sprung into action to investigate by going to the videotape.

Once they viewed surveillance video from the mall, they found nothing.

No sign of anyone described as a "man with gun" was seen anywhere in the video.

Undeterred, cops combed the mall for the possible gunman.

But it was through their diligent investigation that they spotted the man who had been called in about. Turns out, it was a waiter who works at a local restaurant walking through the mall. And the apparent handgun was just his folded waiter's apron.

And, as NBC-2.com puts it, the case was closed.

So either the person who called in the tip doesn't know what a gun is or he was just messing around or has watched the Godfather: Part II waaaayy too many times.

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