Florida Man Accused of Pimping

Earlier this week, trial began for a Broward couple who allegedly imprisoned wayward and young women, drugged them, and then forced them to work as prostitutes -- under the constant threat of beatings.

The accused 34-year-old ringleader, Mackenley Desire, who prosecutors say directed his 20-year-old wife, Genet Rembert, to beat down temperamental women, was also fairly creative with nicknames.

For example, he called Rembert "Fire," and he liked to be called "Daddy."

But on Facebook, Daddy had only one name: Mack Deal.

In Daddy's alleged business, prosecutors say he fomented a culture of fear. He ordered "Fire" to create online advertisements of the prostitutes and organized their prospective patrons, who would meet the girls at Hollywood motels.

But after a scrupulous New Times analysis of the Facebook evidence, there are several additional things Daddy loved to do.

For one, in picture after picture, Daddy had great affection for giving the middle finger to the world.

He also likes motorcycles, silver rings, and wearing sunglasses inside the bathroom.

He revealed disdain for some women when he intoned in a post, "Like lil wayne and my nigga T pain say, I'm thru fucking wit these bitch azz bitches." The reason for the animosity, Daddy says, is because the bitches "showed [him] how hate a hoe."

But certain women exist whom Daddy doesn't despise.

Last year, he rejoiced, "I'm so honored that some females would love for me to be their baby's father. At least they recognize a REAL NIGGA."

He also admired six women with speeddate.com profiles -- which Daddy uploads to his Facebook page. "One love [is] for all the true lovers," Daddy explains. "But not for the liars, the cheaters and the tramps..."

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