Florida Man and Accomplice Steal ATM, Throw It Into a Lake

A couple of Davie robbers hatched themselves a foolproof scheme to rob some money.

And since ATMs are just boxes of money, they decided to go gank them one from a fair.

The would-be robbers did just that. Unfortunately for them, their plan went only as far as "stealing an ATM," because they were caught pretty easily.

According to Davie Police, Kevin Bass, 27, and Gary Hrinda, 24, were spotted by witnesses trying to get rid of the key evidence in their crime -- the actual ATM they stole.

The two men allegedly took the machine, which was apparently filled with cash, from Pembroke Pines. Once they had the approximately $2,000 in cash from the free-standing machine in their possession, they decided to get rid of it by throwing it into a lake near a bunch of homes where people live and tend to notice things like dudes throwing a heavy giant metal box into a lake.

Not only did the robbers throw the machine into the water but their next step in cutting ties to the crime was to do nothing at all.

When witnesses notified police that the ATM had been dumped, cops were also shown the truck the men used to haul the machine into the lake, which was parked at a residence in the 13300 block of SW 28th Street. There was also a camper parked behind the house.

Cops went to the camper and found Bass and Hrinda inside. Police also found a third suspect in the camper, who had initially refused to come outside.

Bass and Hrinda allegedly used the two grand they got from the ATM to gamble at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Bass and Hrinda were arrested in connection to the ATM theft.

Both men were charged with grand theft and, of course, littering.

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