Florida Man Can't Stop Having Sex With Dogs

This not-at-all-creepy-looking bespectacled gent you see here was arrested twice in the past week for having sex with two different dogs, with one other dog possibly awaiting the man's amorous advances.

The 52-year-old James Lee Lyons, who also happens to be a registered sex predator, because of course he is, was arrested on Thursday for getting it on with his neighbor's dog.

Lyons posted $11,000 bond and agreed to a pretrial release, as long as he didn't have any pets in his home.

When Animal Control Officers went to his house to make sure, they reportedly found two dogs. And yes, he had allegedly had sex with at least one of them.

A vet examined the two dogs -- a pit bull and a Terrier mix.

When the vet checked the female 42-pound terrier mix, he found injuries to the dog's genitals.

The pit bull was reportedly fine, but who knows what Lyons had in store for that poor fella.

According to the vet, the terrier suffered "a great amount of pain" and continues to suffer through the healing process, which is both gross and horrifying.

St. Johns County Sheriff's deputies arrested Lyons -- again -- and booked him on Cruelty to Animals, Sexual Activities Involving Animals and Failure to Register as a Sexual Predator charges.

His bonds total $61,000.

The terrier, once it's fully healed, will be put up for adoption. The pit bull will also be put up for adoption.

As for Lyons' neighbor's dog, a vet examined it and determined the animal had similar injuries to the other dog Lyons raped.

Lyons had apparently nabbed the poor pooch when the neighbor let his dogs out before a thunderstorm.

After a while, one dog returned, while the other did not.

The neighbor then spotted Lyons carrying the dog, which is just a creepy image. He told the neighbor he had found the dog in the shed.

But when the dog began acting withdrawn and frightened with its owner, the neighbor called the cops.

Lyons had been previously arrested in 1998 on charges of attempted sexual battery on a child and a sexual act with a child while in a familial role.

We're no lawyers or legal scholars or anything like that, but mayhap it's time to put this James Lee Lyons character away for good?

Just a thought.

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