Florida Man Climbs Into Starbucks Drive-Thru Window To Rob Store

Robbers and hold-up men live fast go-go lifestyles like the rest of us. Just like you, they need a more convenient means in which to get their work done, living in our 24-hour social media get-after it world.

Take Anthony Williams of Orlando, for example. Instead of parking his car, getting out, and walking into his neighborhood Starbucks to rob the cashier, he used the drive-thru instead.

Guy's got places to be!

According to police, Williams, 36, drove up to the Starbucks on East Colonial Drive early Saturday morning, and lunged himself through the drive thru window in order to take money from the tip jar.

Williams then climbed all the way through the window and began to threaten the employees inside.

He grabbed a wad of cash from the jar. An employee tried to stop him by grabbing the jar from his hands. That's when Williams grabbed the employee by the arms to pull himself into the store.

Williams then grabbed a chair inside the store and threatened the employee and his co-workers with it.

Apparently not thinking through his plan as well as he should, Williams put down the chair and left the store when the Starbucks employees asked him to.

When he walked out to the parking lot, he was met by Orlando cops, who promptly arrested him.

Williams was on probation for armed robbery, which might explain why his plan to rob a Starbucks included jumping through the window and grabbing the tip jar, and then using a chair as a weapon.

The judge had Williams held without bond.

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