Florida Man Crashes Car, Gets Naked, Dances In Street

An Orange County man crashed his car into a wall Wednesday morning.

When Fire Rescue arrived at the scene and closed off the road at Via Hacienda Circle near Honour Road, they found the driver of the vehicle, Felix Lockett, had already gotten out of his car.

He was dancing in the street.

Completely naked.

Apparently Lockett, 34, was so happy about crashing into a wall, he felt the need to strip down and get down in front of every body.

And by "happy," we mean he was allegedly tripping some serious balls.

Lockett had apparently gotten high by ingesting "Love Boat," which is basically pot dipped in formaldehyde.

Lockett had so much of it, according to cops, that several of the law enforcement officials who had arrived at the scene of the accident were sickened by chemical exposure.

One FHP trooper opened Lockett's car and immediately began to have difficulty breathing. A couple of other Orange County officers experienced the same symptoms, including watery eyes.

A hazardous materials team had to be called onto the scene. They found a bottle of formaldehyde in Lockett's car, along with some marijuana.

The cops exposed to the chemicals made a full recovery.

Lockett will now likely face a bevy of charges, which we imagine will be from crashing his car into a wall, to having "Love Boat' in his possession to, of course, being stark raving naked in the middle of the street.

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