Florida Man Dragged Pit Bull Behind SUV, Cops Say

A Florida man is accused of tying a pit bull to the bumper of his SUV and then dragging around in Brevard County.

The man, Christopher Byrd, 43, was arrested on Wednesday morning.

Upon his arrest, Byrd told Palm Bay Police officers that he had forgotten that he had tied the dog to the bumper.

Police say someone called them when they saw the dog being dragged by the leash tied to the back of a black SUV.

The caller told police they saw the dog being dragged down Palm Bay Road.

Authorities say that found the SUV in a McDonald's parking lot, with the severely injured dog still tied to the bumper

Cops traced the vehicle to Byrd, who was arrested on animal cruelty charges.

According to police, Byrd was also driving with a suspended license and an active warrant.

The dog was rescued and handed over to Animal Control.

According to officials, the pit bull is expected to survive from its injuries.

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