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Florida Man Ejaculates On Employee's Leg In Bathroom, Promises Her More Hours, Lawsuit Says

One day at a Fort Lauderdale company called Florida Security Protection, a supervisor pulled an employee, Daphney Beljour, into the bathroom on her second day of work and she started screaming.

Then the associate -- named Omar in a lawsuit filed in federal court -- allegedly did something that made us go: Ugh. Gross.

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That day in June of 2012, Omar allegedly pulled down his pants, took down Beljour's pants, and began to masturbate in front of Beljour. According to the lawsuit, he ejaculated onto her leg.

Then, the gent that Omar is, he allegedly promised her "more hours for subjecting her to unwelcome sexual harassment," says the lawsuit filed earlier this week.

Afterward, the woman allegedly called the police who obtained samples of Omar's DNA -- and she was fired from her job.

A manager at Florida Security -- which provides squad cars, surveillance cameras, and "armed uniformed security officers" -- denied both the existence of the lawsuit, and Omar's guilt. "The charge was finished, and there's nothing in court," said the manager, who declined to offer her name. "There is nothing in the court."

"None of it was true, it was something that [the female employee] tried to do. She lied."

The manager said the allegedly ejaculated-upon employee was ultimately fired, but not for matters of masturbation.

"She wasn't doing her job," the manager said, referring to Beljour. "She wasn't doing what she was supposed to do. To be honest, I have no more information and to go farther than this, I can't do it."

The lawsuit, which alleges Beljour was fired because of her gender, doesn't specify how much money Beljour is seeking in damages.

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