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Florida Man Has Penis Sliced Off in Temp-Job Accident

Here's reason number 342 why getting work through a temp agency sucks: having your pecker and balls sliced off by a foam-cutting machine.

(On a related note, this is reason number one why working at a foam-cutting factory sucks.)

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Edgardo Toucet is suing Spartan Staffing in Hillsborough County Court after the temp agency sent him to work at Future Foam, a manufacturing plant near Orlando, where he had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day after a machine cut off his junk.

Toucet, who hails from Puerto Rico and doesn't speak or write English, claims that he "received no orientation or other formalized instruction or training in preparation for his temporary work assignment as a peeler machine helper" from Spartan Staffing.

According to the complaint report, Toucet was put to work at a peeler machine, which already sounds like something you shouldn't have your penis anywhere near.

The machine uses a spinning razor-sharp blade to cut carpet foam, which means you might wanna put down that bagel before you keep reading this story.

One day, Toucet was working the peeler when he suddenly came into contact with the machine's spinning blade. And by "contact," we mean the blade completely severed his dick and balls off like a Publix deli meat slicer going to town on a Boar's Head Oven Gold turkey.

The peeler machine apparently requires two people to operate -- possibly to make sure no one's balls get clipped off while slicing foam. It's unclear if Toucet was operating the machine by himself, per safety precautions. Although safety goggles would do very little to help at this point.  

However, according to the complaint, this apparently wasn't the first time an employee at Future Foam had themselves an accident with the evil peeler machine. Although the complaint doesn't specify exactly what the other accidents were, it's not unreasonable at this point to think that a company that has people operating razor-sharp spin blades at crotch level is just begging for a lawsuit.

It's like a Bond villain designed the machine.

Toucet is seeking damages for gross negligence (which is a huge understatement on so many levels).

Spartan employee Barbara Pridgen, who is responsible for employee training as well as making sure Future Foam met safety requirements through inspection, is also named in the suit.

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