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Florida Man Hides a Whole Bunch of Drugs Inside His Butt

A Port St. Lucie man was walking around a cop funny. And then he told the cop he "may have some needles between his cheeks."

And, according to a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office arrest affidavit, it would appear that the man had more than just needles between his cheeks.

He also had other drug paraphernalia in his ass.

Kamon Holobaugh, 24, was driving his Ford Escape around 3 a.m. on the night of April 23 when he flashed the vehicle's high beams at a police officer.

The cop, thinking Holobaugh needed assistance, pulled him over at the post office located at 50 W. Midway Road.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed Holobaugh sweating profusely and looking nervous. He also had his pants unzipped (Holobaugh. Not the cop.)

Holobaugh complied with a request for the officer to search his Ford Escape.

The cop soon noticed several small white pills falling onto the floor by the driver's side. More pills fell onto the floor mat at Holobaugh's feet.

When Holobaugh exited the car, the officer noted he was walking around awkwardly.

That's when he told the officer he "may have some needles between his cheeks," according to the report.

The cop searched Holobaugh's ass and found a bag of unused needles there.

Holobaugh then said he "believed there was more pills in his anus."

"After moving around for a little bit," the affidavit says, "a small clear plastic baggy was found near his feet." The baggie contained a couple of dilaudid hydromorphone pills and morphine sulfate pills.

Holobaugh was arrested on charges including possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and drug equipment possession and or use.

So, to recap (in case you lost count), Holobaugh had the following things hidden in his ass:

-An undetermined amount of small pills -Morphine sulfate pills -A bag of needles -More pills -A clear plastic baggie -Two dilaudid hydromorphone pills -More morphine sulfate pills

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