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Florida Man Hops Out of Car to Knock Down 70-Year-Old at Crosswalk

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a huge d-bag.

John McNally, 43, is no friend to the elderly, and he probably hates dogs, little kids, baseball, the Olympics, and America too. The Boca Raton resident was out driving with his wife and 4-year-old daughter on Sunday when he flipped his wig in what is probably the worst road-rage incident we've seen in some time.

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According to the Palm Beach Post, McNally was driving south on Real Plaza in Mizner Park on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. when it all happened. He pulled his Lexus SUV (obviously, it was a Lexus SUV. Only dudes trying too hard to front baller status but without the real money for a top-dollar car would do something like this) to a stop at the crosswalk.

Leonard Shubitz, 70, was trying to walk through the roadway. The driver failed to "respect" the crosswalk, according a witness. The older individual seemed not to have liked how precipitously McNasty pulled up. He yelled at the driver and put his hand on the ever-precious Lexus for balance.

Big mistake. You don't lay hands on John McNally's faux-luxury chariot. He hit the brakes, jumped out, and allegedly told the walker, "Don't touch my car!" The 43-year-old then allegedly pushed Shubitz down with two hands. And then, like all good men just trying to protect their property, family, and purchase of the American dream, he jumped back in the Lexus and sped off.

The victim was taken to the hospital with bruises. Some commie-sympathizer wussy-ass witness (no doubt) saw what happened and reported McNally's license plate to police. When he was arrested, the badass told the cops the old man was lucky McNally didn't "punch him for hitting my car." McNally told police he reacted because the old man had hit the side of the car where his daughter was sitting.

Captain Self Control also said he was sorry he'd lost his shit in front of his daughter, which is a pretty low bar for contrition. "Oh yeah, just brutalized an old man -- sorry my kid saw it."

A quick run through Palm Beach County court records shows only minor traffic violations for McNally. He's currently facing a felony charge of battery on a person 65 and older. His wife told police it was "out of character" for her husband to act like such a dick in public. Been under a lot of stress, she said.

Stress? Sure, we can all understand that, right?


The serious side: This being Florida, everyone's lucky one of the participants wasn't strapped with a conceal carry. In that case, McNally's family might have watched as he blasted away an old man or got blasted away himself. Not so funny to think about.

So be nice out there. Don't be a jerk.

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