Florida Man Known as "Fat Boy" Hides Drugs in Belly Fat

When your nickname is "Fat Boy," you might as well, uh, roll with it.

Christopher Mitchell, a 450-pound Volusia County man, was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt on Friday. Although he told officers he was too large to strap himself in, he and passenger Kethian Roberts were acting oddly uncomfortable, according to a police report.

When cops searched the vehicle, they found a truck covered in carpet freshener and dryer sheets -- a tactic often used to conceal the smell of drugs. A dog immediately picked up on the smell of cocaine in the front seat, and the two men were subsequently searched.

The patdown revealed that Fat Boy -- also known as "Biggie" -- was hiding 23 grams of weed in his belly rolls. Besides that semigrotesque excavation, the cops located a handgun, about a gram of cocaine, and $7,000 in the car.

Records show that Roberts, who apparently has "one ton" tattooed on his right arm, had been arrested in 2002 for conspiracy to traffic coke. Back then, Mitchell had not yet earned his nickname. Florida Department of Corrections records show he was a trim 265 pounds then.

h/t The Smoking Gun

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