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Florida Man Murdered Roommate Over a Chicken Foot

A Florida man apparently beat his roommate to death after the roommate got mad at him for taking a chicken foot from him.

Tampa police have given few details on how exactly the victim died, but an autopsy revealed the victim suffered internal bleeding from numerous blows to the face and neck.

At least one eye-witness says that the victim was beaten with a board.

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Police say that 52-year-old James Jugo admitted to them that he beat up his roommate, 56-year-old Benjamin Calderon, after the two had an argument about the chicken foot at their home at 8722 N 48th Street, on Friday.

According to police, Calderon had been cooking food and became angry when Jugo took the chicken foot from the frying pan.

The two men fought over the supposed stolen chicken foot, and the argument eventually came up again later in the day.

That's when Jugo says he beat Calderon, though it's unclear if the man died immediately from his wounds.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Calderon had been a security guard who had fallen on some hard times after losing his job. He was forced to live out of his car for sometime. He also lived in a shelter before moving in with Jugo and a female roommate, according to Calderon's brother.

Calderon had also had some legal issues, having been arrested twice on DUI and failure to appear charges.

Jugo, meanwhile, has a more extensive record. The Times says he's been arrested 19 times on several charges, from burglary, and cocaine possession, to probation violation and possession of a dangerous dog, among others.

Benjamin Calderon leaves behind a grieving family filed with questions, including his mother and children.

He also leaves behind a sister and two brothers, including his brother Bolivar, who seemed to recap the whole sad and weird affair when he said, "No one deserves to die over a chicken foot."

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