Florida Man Named Cocaine Has Drug Charges Dropped

Edward Cocaine said he was very happy, and on a natural high, after prosecutors dropped the Fort Lauderdale man's drug charges.

But with a name like Cocaine, and living in South Florida, some kind of arrest was imminent.

Cocaine was arrested last month after cops pulled him over and found Xanax pills in an unmarked bottle.

Police took Cocaine to jail for the Xanax.

But Cocaine was eventually able to prove a subscription for Xanax, so Cocaine was let go.

Everybody got that?

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A video of the 34-year-old Cocaine appearing before Judge John "Jay" Hurley went viral last month.

"My last name is Cocaine," Cocaine says in the video. An incredulous Hurley stares at Cocaine for a few seconds before a bailiff confirms that Cocaine is the name on Cocaine's driver's license.

As Cocaine's attorney, Brad Cohen, tries to get things moving, Hurley and the courtroom begin to burst out in laughter. Tough job being a lawyer for a dude named Cocaine.

Cohen eventually cracks a smile too.

"I'm used to it," Cocaine says.

"You know," Hurley then says. "I thought I've seen it all."

Cocaine told the Sun-Sentinel that his great grandparents immigrated from Greece, and changed their name when they got here, which is either really hilarious or really sad, depending on your interpretation on the matter.

As for how Cocaine ended up in the clink, several weeks ago, Pembroke Pines police pulled him over after the license plate on the car Cocaine was driving was obscured or hidden.

It was during the traffic stop that police noticed Xanax inside a bottle not marked for Xanax. Cohen explained that Cocaine had been prescribed Xanax for back pain suffered after falling off a ladder at his job.

Cocaine was able to show the court an older prescription for the Xanax, which the court accepted. Cocaine was released on his own recognizance.

Cohen also explained that the plate was obscured by road trash, and he is looking to have the driving violation dismissed as well.

Hopefully the court will drop those charges too, for his sake. Bad enough the guy's got a bad back and has to walk around with that name.

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