Florida Man Punched Puppy, Threw It Against Wall After It Bit Him

In pretty much the worst headline you'll read all day: a man punched a puppy.

He also threw it against the wall. And, according to an examination on the animal, it would appear that this wasn't the first time this happened.

Juan Camilo Florez, 26, of Coral Springs, was apparently bitten on the finger by his 4-month old German Shepard puppy, Toby.

Florez decided to respond by becoming the worst human person in the world, and punched Toby before slamming him against a wall.

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The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon. According to an arrest report, Florez abused Toby as a sort of punishment after the pup bit him. Neighbors were forced to call police after they heard the sounds of Toby hitting the walls and yelping in pain.

But, according to the vets who eventually examined the puppy, Toby is not aggressive towards people.

When police arrived to Florez's residence, they saw blood splattered on the walls. Florez was arrested on a count of animal cruelty.

The list of injuries Toby sustained is pretty grim.

According to the arrest report, Toby had suffered a swollen muzzle, had blood in his mouth, a bruised left eye, a bruised groin, and swelling above both eyes.

There was also evidence that Toby was thrown against the wall so hard, he defecated.

The report says that X-rays reveled a fracture on Toby's right cheek bone. X-rays also revealed that Toby had an old fracture wound on his left cheek bone, meaning Florez had allegedy abused the puppy before this incident.

Toby was in noticable pain when examined, according to the vets at Coral Springs Animal Hospital.

The Facebook group 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida has been rallying for Florez to receive the maximum penalty for Toby's abuse, and asking the public to call the Broward State Attorney's Office:

CONTACT STATES ATTORNEY NOW AND DEMAND JUSTICE FOR PUPPY TOBY....Arrest Number: 531301946 Arrest Date: 12/16/2013 Contact states attorney office to make sure they prosecute him to fullest extent of the law so they don't throw the case out!! 954-831-6955 states attorney Michael Satz for Ft Lauderdale

They also posted a photo of Toby.

Florez has a history of violence and arrests. In 2010 and 2011, he had been arrested on domestic violence charges, though both cases were eventually dropped.

Based on this pattern of trouble, Broward Judge John "Jay" Hurley set Florez's bond at $50,000. He is also forbidden to come in contact with any animals.

Toby remains at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital, where he's receiving more treatment for his injuries.

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