Florida Man Punches Deputy Who Was Releasing Him From Jail

A Florida inmate was about to be set free from the Lee County Jail when he decided that this would be a good time as any to go ahead and punch the deputy releasing him.

After he punched the officer several times in the back, the cop turned and pulled out a Taser and instructed the inmate to calm down.

The inmate then replied, "No problem, bro."

The incident occurred last Tuesday when 28-year-old Lanorris Kentrell Bland and a group of other inmates were being set to be released from jail.

According to a Fort Myers Police Department report, a deputy was leading the inmates through the lobby of the Lee County jail.

Bland had been classified as a "high risk inmate," mainly because he has a history of damaging property when he was previously released from custody.

In order to not let that happen again, the deputy asked Bland to immediately exit the lobby and mosey on home.

The report states that the deputy had to instruct Bland to leave several times. He then personally escorted Bland out of the lobby.

Then, inexplicably, Bland allegedly struck the deputy three times from behind with a closed fist.

The officer whipped out his Taser, told Bland to calm down, and went ahead and arrested him on a battery on an officer charge.

Conveniently, the jail was right there, so the officer didn't have to go far to book Bland.

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