Florida Man Renting a Goat on Craigslist for Five Bucks (but You Can't Have Sex With It)

Ever wake up and think to yourself, what I really need in life is a goat? But maybe you don't want the long-term responsibility of caring for a goat. What with all the crap they eat, and the smell and the fact that it's a goat.

But what's a person with a hankering for hanging out with a goat to do?

Hit up Craigslist! That's what!

Because now when you're shopping around for a used X-Box, you can also rent yourself a goat, thanks to one enterprising gent from Pensacola.

And it's only $5.00 a day. CHEAP!

Someone named Harry is renting out a goat for five bucks a day.

You'll have to leave a $20 deposit to do so.

HOWEVER, this goat isn't for you pervos looking for a one-night stand with a farm animal.

As Harry very clearly states in the ad, "if you bring the goat back and it has been penetrated you lose your deposit!"

So go rent that goat.

Just remember. No penetration!

"Noooooooooooo means no."

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