Florida Man Runs Around Naked Proclaiming His Love for Cocaine

Twenty-one-year-old Quanta'e Levonne Powell loves the shit out of cocaine (allegedly).

Powell loves it so much, he decided to go nuts and run around the street naked telling people about it.

According to a Crestview Police Department arrest report, several people called police about Powell's running around naked throughout the apartment complex where he lives.

When a responding officer found a naked Powell, he was all, Hey, what's up with running around naked like a crazy person scaring everybody?

"I love cocaine," Powell allegedly answered.

Calm down, bro.

Before the officer arrived, Powell allegedly tried to get inside of a car where a woman and her baby were. The woman locked all the doors and kept him out. He probably just wanted to tell the woman and the baby that he loves cocaine.

When the cops arrived, they found Powell lying naked on the grass near the apartment complex.

When Powell saw the squad car, he leapt up onto the hood of the police vehicle and began yelling about cocaine.

After telling the officer how much he loved cocaine, Powell turned to another cop who had arrived on the scene and also told him he loved cocaine.

According to the report, Powell confessed to having done cocaine, although judging by his nakedness and screaming, that was already pretty apparent. He then allegedly told the cops that he needed more cocaine. But that would probably have been a terrible idea.

Powell then ran toward the complex, turned around, and ran back toward the officers, where he did a head-first slide, according to the arrest affidavit.

Since Powell clearly wasn't going to calm his shit over his love for cocaine, one of the officers tried to subdue and handcuff him.

But Powell turned and kicked the cop, which is not a good idea. 

The cop then tased Powell twice, and that was pretty much the end of that.

Another cop found Powell's pants, along with his identification.

He was then arrested and charged with resisting an officer-obstruction without violence and was also taken to a local hospital.

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