Florida Man Stuffs Girlfriend Into Duffel Bag to Sneak Her Into His Halfway House

A Boca Raton man tried to sneak his girlfriend into the halfway house he was staying at by stuffing her into a duffel bag, like that tiny Chinese dude in the Ocean Eleven movies.

The man, Jared Mustrat, had been staying at the Boca House, a sober-living halfway house for men. Per the rules, Boca House does not allow overnight guests.

But Mustrat was missing his lady and was in need of her company. So he stuffed her inside a bag to try to get her in.

But according to a Boca Raton Police report, Mustrat's plan was foiled when someone noticed his lady's arm pop out of the bag when the two were in a Walgreen's parking lot along SW Second Avenue.

The tipster noticed Mustrat hunched over the bag. He then began talking to it and, as he was loading it into Volkswagen, a woman's arm popped out of the bag. Mustrat pushed the arm back into the duffel bag and loaded up the car with his girlfriend luggage.

This prompted the tipster to call police.

Boca Raton police eventually caught up with Mustrat, who admitted that he indeed stuffed his lady, Jessica Tosi, into a bag so he could sneak her into the halfway house.

According to the report, Tossi told police she got into the bag voluntarily.

Neither Mustrat nor Tossi was arrested, since stuffing a person into a duffel bag is illegal only if they're dead. So, they were free to go.

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