Florida Man Swallows 960 Grams of Cocaine, Passes Out, Gets Arrested

Turns out that swallowing craploads of cocaine is a bad idea on multiple levels.

Sixty-five-year-old Norman Mosch wanted to smuggle cocaine out of Jamaica.

A LOT of cocaine.

So, he decided to swallow pellets packed with cocaine to do so.

A LOT of pellets.

But, as it turns out, using your own stomach as a drug carrying bag is not so hot for your health, so Mosch had to be rushed to the hospital soon after arriving from Jamaica.

According to Boynton Beach Police, Mosch swallowed around 87 pellets and was found slumped over by a neighbor of his not long after he arrived from the island nation.

Mosch was taken to Bethesda Medical Center. And, as it turns out, pellets filled with coke are an excellent source of fiber, because x-rays revealed that a good number of the pellets had gotten into Mosch's intestines and digestive tract.

One pellet even caused a hole in his bowel, which is bad.

In total, Mosch swallowed 960 grams of yeyo.

Police were contacted before Mosch was taken into emergency surgery.

He confessed to cops that he did indeed fly to Jamaica to buy coke so he can sell it here for cheap. His one problem was where to carry an illegal drug on a plane.

Mosch's plan was to put the coke in the pellets, shit them out, and then cook them up into crack to sell to local dealers.

As you can see, that plan went a tad askew.

Mosch is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday on $10,000 bail.

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