Florida Man Using Craigslist for Armed Robbery Gets Nabbed by Undercover Cops

Craigslist can be a shady place. While it may be good for purchasing a used ottoman or a bicycle pump and also good for the occasional missed connection hook-up, it can also be a great place to go if you want to get properly mugged.

That's what happened to at least one armed-robbery victim of Lauderhill man Keith Victor Bray, according to cops.

Fort Lauderdale police say Bray, 35, allegedly used Craigslist to rob someone of $400. Unfortunately for Bray, however, his scheme worked too well and ultimately got him pinched.

Police say Bray set up a scheme on Craigslist where he advertised the selling of an iPhone.

A customer eventually agreed to meet him at a gas station in the 1500 block of West Sunrise Boulevard to buy the phone. But when the victim got to the gas station, Bray handed him an iPhone box wrapped in shrink-wrap.

This was the first sign that something was amiss.

Still, the unsuspecting victim asked if he could inspect the box before finalizing the purchase. That's when Bray pulled out a weapon and banked 400 bucks from the victim.

On Tuesday, police saw another Craigslist ad placed by Bray and decided to send an undercover officer to make "the purchase."

The undercover cop said he wanted to buy two iPhones from Bray.

When Bray showed up the following day to make the transaction, he was met by police. So Bray did the only thing he could think of at a time like that. He pretended that he forgot the phone and that the transaction was off and was able to walk away without being arrested.

Just kidding. He actually ran away.

A Fort Lauderdale Police K-9 caught Bray, and police found him with two empty iPhone boxes and a stun gun.

Bray was arrested and is being held without bond after on charges of armed robbery, grand theft, and carrying an electric weapon.

Maybe next time the best way to make a quick $400 is to, you know, actually sell something he has worth that much.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about this or other similar armed robberies to call Detective Jason Wood at 954-828-5344.

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