Florida Man Wrestles Shark For Forty Five Minutes

So a guy who used to live in Florida wrestled a shark for no other reason than because he can.

Elliot Sudal, who moved to Nantucket from Sanibel, is in the news today for ranglin' up a shark off the shores of Massachusetts, and then wrestling it before dragging it onto the beach, before releasing it, but not before posing for pictures with it and his bros.

Sudal, 24, claims to have caught hundreds of sharks when he was living in Florida.

But this was only the second time he's actually gone mano-a-fino with a shark.

Sudal says he was catching some bluefish when he noticed one of them had a shark's teeth marks bitten into it.

This could only mean one thing!


There's a shark in the water and it's time to reel it in and then go all WWE on it because it's super cool!

So Sudal grabbed a larger rod -- one specifically for fishing for sharks -- and reeled in a 7-foot, 200-pound sand shark who was minding his own business, getting a bite to eat, when some asshole stuck a hook in his mouth and then jumped him.

Sudal waded into the water, and had himself a 45-minute hoedown with the shark before dragging it onto the shore.

Sudal then posed for photos with the shark, because it's important that his Facebook bros know that he wasn't full of shit when he tells them the story about that one time he wrestled a shark for no reason.

From The Tampa Tribune:

"I always treat them well," said Sudal, a guide for Captiva Cruises in 2001-02 who now operates a boat for a mooring company.

"I feel conservation minded when it comes to that - I don't kill any of them, I just let them go."

Yea, so, no worries, folks.

The guy who hooks a shark and then wrestles it for no reason whatsoever, TOTALLY treats the sharks well and is very conservation minded when it comes to that.

He doesn't kill them, for heaven's sake.

He just beats the shit out of them, and then drags them onto the shore where they suffocate because they can't breathe outside of the water.

But that's all.

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