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Florida Medical Marijuana Bill Might Be Dead

It's not looking good for the the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

While the Florida Legislature has gone ahead and moved forward with trying to ban bongs, the Cathy Jordan bill has yet to even get a hearing in either the House or the Senate.

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Meanwhile, 18 other states and D.C. have passed some form of legislation to legalize marijuana for those who suffer from Lou Gehrig's, cancer, or other debilitating ailments that cannabis can help alleviate.

Because, Florida.

The bill's House sponsor, Rep. Katie Edwards, remains optimistic that some day, somehow, Florida lawmakers will come around and legalize marijuana -- even though the majority of Floridians say they'd like to see it legalized for medical purposes RIGHT NOW.

The bill's original author, state Sen. Jeff Clemens, first introduced it in 2010, knowing it would take time to get serious consideration from the Legislature.

He told New Times back in March that it would be a four- to six-year process.

"We wanted to establish a framework," he said, "and then devise a bill around what changes to the law would have to be made, what kind of ailments one had to have to be allowed to have medical marijuana."

The bill, named after Florida Cannabis Action Network President Cathy Jordan, who was diagnosed with ALS in 1986, would allow patients to possess up to four ounces of marijuana and grow up to eight marijuana plants. Back in February, Jordan had her home raided by cops when a state worker, not even visiting Jordan's home, spotted marijuana plants on her property.

The main opposition comes from, of course, GOPers, who would rather spend time passing bills that dictate what a woman can and cannot go to a doctor for instead of bills that would actually help people who are forced to spend thousands on prescription pills that don't work.

As ever, Republicans are filled with empathy.

State Rep. Jimmy Patronis, for one, says that those who need marijuana for medical reasons should move to a state where it's legal.

There you go, ALS sufferers.

You want to smoke the pot to help alleviate your pain and suffering?

Uproot your entire life and move to Colorado, where they serve The Pot with their milk shakes at every diner.

Meanwhile, Florida struggles to cut costs, create jobs, and tackle the thorny medical insurance issue.

If only there was some kind of herb or source of medicine those who are sick could ingest or inhale that would help alleviate the soaring medical heath care costs in Florida, while also making them feel better...

Ah well.

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