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Florida Mother Pimped out 15-Year-Old Daughter for Super Bowl, Cops Say

Super Bowl week is here, and people and entrepreneurs from all over the U.S. are traveling to the Big Apple to cash in on the throng of football fans hitting up all the events leading to the Big Game.

One enterprising Florida woman also decided to jump in on the cash cow that is Super Bowl week by hitting up NYC to make some quick cash.

And by "jump in on the cash cow that is Super Bowl week by hitting up NYC to make some quick cash," we mean she brought her 15-year-old daughter to New York to try and pimp her out as a hooker.

Police say Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, of Hollywood, admitted to bringing her young daughter to New York this week to meet with a pimp.

According to a report, Bronx vice detectives went on line pretending to be johns looking for hookers. They connected with the teen girl and agreed to get together at the New York Hilton on Wednesday night.

The teen allegedly was going to charge the men $200 for sex.

When the girl met with the undercover officers, they went in to arrest her. That's when she told them she was only 15.

The girl led the detectives to another hotel where they found Mommy Pimp. They arrested her on promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child charges.

Ostoloza was held in lieu of $2,000 bail.

As for the girl, a Manhattan judge granted a temporary order of protection, and she was ordered to be transferred to New York's Administration of Children's Services.

Oh, but Ostoloza isn't as horrible of a mom as you think!

She didn't bring her daughter to New York to have sex with strange men.

According to a criminal complaint, Ostoloza told cops, "I thought my daughter was just going to do the fetish stuff."

Cops, meanwhile, are still searching for the pimp Ostoloza allegedly hooked up with to sell her little girl to men for sexual favors.

Prostitution is apparently big business during Super Bowl week.

A report earlier this week broke the news of how New York police infiltrated and broke up a high-end prostitution ring that was looking to cash in big this week.

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