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Florida Panthers President Michael Yormark Leaving the Team to Join Jay Z

Well now, this is something.

Michael Yormark, the Florida Panther's polarizing team president, is leaving the franchise to join... Jay Z.

According to multiple reports, Yormark is leaving to run the business side of Jay Z's agency, Roc Nation.

Yormark's tenure with the Panthers has been... let's call it not great.

Aside from running a terrible organization and being combative with fans, Yormark is known mostly for somehow fooling the Broward Commission into giving the Panthers a $4.2 million scoreboard and master control room.

At the time Yormark was trying to secure that scoreboard, he proclaimed that the team had put tens of millions of dollars into the BB&T Center for the past 15 years of its existence. And that Broward had "not put one dollar into this building as a gift or as capital improvement."

"It's their [the county's] building," Yormark said at the time. "They own it."

But perhaps Yormark will be most remembered for being a Grade-A douchebag on Twitter with other hockey fans.

Sick burn, Yormark! The ol' Twitter-followers zinger.

In less than 24 hours after Yormark dropped that gem, the woman he took down with his clever "70 followers" had gained 1,200 followers.

Needless to say, Panthers fans are taking the news of Yormark's departure well:

Yormark's new gig with Jay Z will put him in a "major executive position, according to Sports Business Daily.

Thankfully for Jay Z, Yormark won't be involved in the recruitment of players.

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