Florida Poll: Indecisive Republicans Suppose They'll Be Picking Mitt Romney -- Maybe

Hey, Florida Republican, who do you plan on voting for in your party's presidential primary?

Uh, Mitt Romney, I guess. Well, maybe.

That's what the results from the latest poll of Florida Republicans reads like, as most people say they might change their mind, and most of the Tea Party members are pulling for Romney.

Romney leads this Quinnipiac University poll released today by 12 points, as 36 percent said they'd pick Romney, compared to 24 for Newt Gingrich.

Rick Santorum placed third at 16 percent, followed by Ron Paul at 10 percent, Rick Perry at 5 percent, and 2 percent for Jon Huntsman.

Better yet, 54 percent of these 560 people say they "might" change their mind, making this a big waste of time for everyone involved.

And even better than that, Romney -- the man Tea Party titan Rep. Allen West described as "center to center-left" -- has the most support among Tea Party people, tied at the top alongside Gingrich.

Sounds like some highly informed respondents you picked there, Quinnipiac.

The people most likely to change their mind on who they're picking are Santorum supporters, with 57 percent not sold on the idea of actually going through with penciling in the bubble next to his name.

Not surprisingly, Paul received the most votes for being "unfavorable," but for some reason, it was Tea Party folks who held the unfavorable views of him.

The sideshow leading up to Romney's eventual nomination continues with the New Hampshire primary tomorrow.

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