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Florida Rep. Trey Radel Hints at Impeaching Obama Over Gun Control

President Obama held a news conference in which he unveiled 23 executive actions on gun control yesterday. And, naturally, the GOPers are up in arms and want the president impeached because gun control is tyranny and bad for liberty and un-American and other butthurt reasons.

Among those that are hinting at impeachment is freshman Florida Rep. Trey Radel, who sat down with the Shark Tank bloggy blog to talk about how Obama should probably maybe be impeached because Radel and his fellow GOPz think Obama is not doing enough GOPer things, so therefore impeachment should be done because that's what you do to the president when you disagree with him, right?

The idea was sparked a few days ago by Rep. Steve Stockman (Republican from Texas, of course!), who put out a stern warnin' to Obama that articles of impeachment would be sought if he used his President Powers to implement gun control measures.

Radel was asked if he agrees with Stockman's impeachment talk (full video below):

"All options should be on the table, undoubtedly. It's one of those times in our history."

The president should be impeached because history!

"To be bipartisan for a second, the thing I would stress to Democrats and Republicans. Let's say you're a big fan of President Obama and you support everything that he's doing and you don't mind these executive orders and you want an executive order to ban guns, to take guns away, to raise the debt ceiling with unlimited amounts of spending or to ignore law."

Let's be bipartisan for a moment before I give you reasons why the president of the United States should be impeached because of things I disagree with. IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY.

"What I would say to Democrats who are friends of President Obama right now is ask yourself, what are you going to do when a Republican gets in that you may not agree with or like very much and begins doing the same thing? We have completely lost our checks and balances in this country."

Listen up, Demz. I know it's impossible to try to imagine working with a president who oversteps his bounds and does things that not only you disagree with but are borderline criminal, but just use your imagination for a second. WHAT. IF. The Republicans had such a president, you would try to impeach him, right??? I mean, come on, it's common sense. The president does something you don't like, you impeach him. Pfffttt.

Why? Because the GOPers are all about LIBERTY and FREEDOM and TRUTH.

Unfortunately, TRUTH kind of gets in the way of FACTS.

Fact: Obama has issued the fewest executive orders than any president before him. The GOPer talking point of Obama overstepping the bounds of his office is not only asinine; it's completely fucking FALSE. Stop it. You're embarrassing yourselves, dudes.

Fact: Disagreeing with the president of the United States doesn't automatically mean he should be impeached. It doesn't work that way. Impeachment is for presidents who have committed treason, bribery, and, like, actual crimes. And yes, treason is a wonderful buzzword to throw around, but just because someone differs from your political opinions doesn't make it treason; it actually makes it AMERICAN.

Fact: The GOPers and the NRA are in a losing battle here. The majority of Americans want stricter gun laws.

Fact: Obama is not going to take your guns away, you fucking yahoos. The 23 orders he put out yesterday merely make laws that are already in place stiffer. Background checks, more communication with mental health specialists, stiffer laws on people who sell guns to criminals -- none of those things are going to take away anybody's guns.

Nothing Obama has said or done within his proposal conflicts with the Second Amendment. The only thing that's conflicted are the buttholes of every GOPer, NRA member, and gun humper losing their shit because the black fella in the White House dared to actually do something about making it possible for little kids to go to school without getting shot in the face with an AK-47.

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