Florida Teen Shot In Head During Heat Celebration Expected to Recover

A Miramar teen was shot in the head on Thursday night, by what police suspect was a stray bullet fired outside the teen's home during celebrations for the Miami Heat's NBA championship victory.

Brandon Reid, 15, was shot just below the ear from a bullet that came through the sliding glass door just as he was getting off the sofa at the conclusion of Thursday nights' Game 7.

The bullet apparently grazed Brandon's skull. But things could have been much worse.

"It felt like a giant rock knocking me on the side of the head," he told the Miami Herald.

He immediately called out to his mom when he noticed the blood. He then dialed 911.

Brandon looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the hole in his head. That's when he knew he had been shot.

Brandon's younger brother Daryl Denson Jr., 11, who was rooting for the San Antonio Spurs, thought his big bro was playing a prank on him. Brandon had been rooting for the Heat.

Brandon's father, Marvin Reid, immediately came to Florida from Georgia after hearing of his son's accident.

Brandon had surgery to remove the 9 mm bullet out of his head at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, and was discharged on Saturday afternoon. The bullet did not strike his brain.

"Just a few inches different, and it would have been a completely different outcome," said surgeon Dean Hertzler. "I've never seen someone shot in the head do this well, this easily."

Police do believe the bullet came from someone celebrating the Heat win.

"I appreciate the pots and pans being banged on," said Marvin Reid, "but where do guns come in?"

Brandon is expected to make a full recovery.

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