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Florida Teen Tries to Hide Shark He Caught Off Pier, Cops Say

Oh, teenagers.

They love to hide things to not get into trouble.

They try to get away with things like not picking up their dirty socks by brushing them under the bed, or shoving their nudie mags under their pillows so Mom doesn't see it, or hiding a shark they caught in some bushes.

You know, sneaky stuff like that.

Well, at least one Pompano Beach teen tried to do that last thing when he caught a protected sandbar shark over the holidays.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the teen hooked the shark at the Pompano Beach Pier the day after Christmas. But, instead of cutting it loose and releasing it, he reeled it in.

Because, shark!

But the teen, whose name has not been released, must have fallen into the short-sighted thinking that teenagers do whenever something amazeballs happens -- like totally catching a shark off the Pompano Beach Pier!

He reeled in the shark, and then decided to get rid of the evidence by throwing it into some bushes by the pier. And what's so weird about that? Bushes are natural. So, it would pass as totally normal.

Shockingly, a dead shark shoved into some shrubbery was something that was noticed, and the BSO was called in. When they found the shark carcass in the bushes, they then called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

While the situation is sort of comical, the sad reality is that sandbar sharks are a protected species. Their numbers have been on a steady decline over the years, thanks mostly to the demand for their meat and, particularly, their fins.

Shark fin soup is something you'll regularly find in grocery stores in Asia.

In 2009, Florida made it illegal to kill sandbar sharks.

No word on if the teen knew what he caught was a sandbar shark, and if that's the cause for his panic.

A wildlife agency report says that officials took the shark carcass as evidence, and issued a property receipt to the teen for the animal.

Hot tip for our young friend: Maybe next time, try just chucking the shark back into the water, dead or alive.

Pfft. Kids

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